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Courtney Farren is an artist. Although it is clear that singing and songwriting are her main focuses, she spends a great deal of time immersed in various other art forms. She is in a perpetual state of creating. She is either writing songs, producing, drawing comics, writing poetry, or, her latest passion, shooting super 8mm film.

After assisting a director on a super 8 mm shoot for Kodak at Coachella in 2016 Courtney found herself falling in love with the medium and began filming her own projects on super 8 and eventually making music films for her songs. Through trial and error she has found herself steadily improving her understanding of film, and she has two new films set to be released before SXSW.

In October 2017 Courtney released her debut record, "Nothing Like It", which was preceded by a 5 show mini European tour of Paris and Dublin and followed by a series of shows in New York (primarily Brooklyn and Harlem).

Through Courtney's - often brutally honest - lyrics you are given an exact look inside her life and the most personal feelings she has experienced. Her live performances consist of understated guitar/piano and haunting vocals, and isn't something to be missed.