my album "Nothing Like It" is out & I think it's only fair that "Someone" gets a video..!!! Shot on Kodak Super 8 film stock. I LOVE THIS VIDEO. LOVE IT WITH ME. Thank you to Brett Sullivan for all his creative genius. Shot & edit by the man himself.
the grand finale. thank you for watching the series 5/5
me waking up and being the pro multi-tasker i am. la galerie stardust show! american anymen & lise in this! love 4/5
hey. blowdrying my hair and walking the dublin streets. hard to beat. 3/5
made it to the homeland & spent time with family. listen to my warmups and see me through the airport ya know? 2/5
paris paris paris paris. le pop in night! 1/5
shot on super 8 film on Staten Island, Jersey City, and New York City ! "Hard To Tell" is the second song on my album. love you Such an amazing learning process working with film.
the first song of my debut album by the same name ! socials - instagram: courtneyfarrenmusic facebook: facebook.com/courtneyfarrenmusic Shot and edited by Brett Sullivan
hi. 1 of some. album on the way :o !! side note - just saw theres an option to declare my video as 3D.... people have 3D videos on youtube ?
word word word - new york shows up the wazoo - my new home is wonderful. album out this fall :-)
there's this ice cream place called van leeuwen (had to look up how to spell that) & it makes the best milkshakes ever... so i tell a joke in this one and cruise brooklyn - debut album coming soon :O
yoooooo - who do i think i am doing random capitalization ? me i guess. this one i watch fireworks & a guy takes his pants off. well, i talk about a guy who takes his pants off. which is probably better.
woah x games courtney. i know. overload. BUT... yeah i can't think of anything. i make a SLIGHTLY rude/sarcastic comment to this crowd, but one of them asked me out and they kept yelling stuff, so i mean you tell me who's in the wrong (still love them though)
oh the good ole' bathroom show - a classic really. it's a good life ! if you haven't already, listen to my single 'Nothing Like It'
i like this one a lot ! thanks for sticking with me the album comes out so soon :)
so let's say i don't drink bubble tea - respond. hm. i do think i look better with the flash on. i have a very circle face
a sad day - the last of the commercials... all good things must come to an end ! so excited to release my record and play the celebratory show @ secret project robot. it's a good life !