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cOMe SeE ME plAy

faces and feelings collection.jpg

My albUM iS OUT NOw...

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wAtCh mY ALbum COmmeRcials

oN YOuTUbe & On THE VideO PaGE

wHO Am I listEning TO...

- kEaton HenSon - ROMantiC wOrks

- bANd oF hoRses - nO onES GoNNa LoVE yoU

- K fLay - bLood In thE CuT 

- jONi MITCHell - cActus TreE

wE ArE BeING RAIsed ANd FOsteREd TO FinD THe ExplOITAtion Of WomEN In MaSS MeDIA AccEPTAblE & EvEN PurpoSEfuL. It'S NOT. Do YOur PARt. DOn't PerpeTUatE iT In YoUR ART.

22222fly nite record.jpg

gO chECk oUT my DailY aRM!

ALwayS BeauTifUL - AlwaYS an Arm


i UsE iT NoW...

thIngs I like

things i don't like

ThiS iS MY InsTAGram